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Pullco has been designing and manufacturing high quality woman’s knitwear for more than 40 years. Pullco works together with wholesalers, big retail stores, private labels and small fashion brands.

We have a range of different quality knitting yarns. We use both smooth and textured yarns made out of cotton, different wool types, acrylic fibre, fancy or blends. We work mostly with Italian or French yarns in Europe.

Pullco manufactures 3, 5, 7, 9, 12, 14 gauges knits. We develop computerized fancy knitted stitches, lace, jacquards, intarsia, cables, machine embroidery, hand crocheted decoration and beading.

Our company is located in Soest (The Netherlands) and we are hoping to welcome you in our inspiring showroom soon.

Our strength lies in our enthousiastic team who can work together with you on the designs that fit perfectly within the DNA of your brand. As we are a small team the personal commitment towards our customers is the foundation of our company.

Pullco manufactures in Turkey and China. This geographical split enables Pullco to guarantee flexibility and fast delivery. All our suppliers are BSCI certified.

Meet the Pullco team

We represent the spirit of our company and are driven by our passion to help emerging and established fashion brands make an impact in the competitive world of fashion. As knitwear is a very specialized design direction it is usefull to contact us for our specific knowledge about knitwear. We provide our customers a helping hand in the design proces from scratch or we can use our expertise for styling advise. Our stylists will use their commercial intuition to make sure your designs will be spot on with the latest trends and fit perfectly in your brand DNA. Besides our styling skills our team designs their own unique collections. We get our inspiration from international fairs, experience in the field, art and the latest fashion shows. Visit our showroom to find something special and exclusive to your collection.

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Middelwijkstraat 36A, Soest

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+31 (0)35 206 28 14